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Welcome to the web site of the former Private Company Financial Reporting Committee. The Committee operated from January 2007 to December 2012.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) formed this Committee to improve the FASB’s standard-setting process to consider the needs of private companies and the users of their financial reporting. The Committee’s primary objective was to provide recommendations to the FASB about differences in existing and prospective GAAP for private companies.

The Private Company Financial Reporting Committee’s recommendations to the FASB are listed below. In addition, you will find information about the Committee's meetings.

The Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) Board of Trustees, after seeking and considering public comment, established a new body to improve the process of setting accounting standards for private companies. The new group, the Private Company Council (PCC), replaced the PCFRC.

PCFRC Recommendations and Other Letters
PCFRC Meetings
  October 4-5, 2012 (Norwalk, CT) (Meeting Agenda) (Meeting Highlights)
  June 28-29, 2012 (Norwalk, CT) (Meeting Materials) (Meeting Highlights)
  May 10-11, 2012 (Norwalk, CT) (Meeting Materials) (Meeting Highlights)
  January 20, 2012 - Conference Call (Meeting Highlights)
  December 16, 2011 - Conference Call (Meeting Highlights)
  November 17-18 Norwalk (Meeting Materials) (Meeting Highlights)
  Sept. 22-23 Las Vegas (Meeting Agenda) (Meeting Highlights)
  June 27-28 Minneapolis (Meeting Materials) (Meeting Highlights)
  May 5-6 Norwalk (Meeting Materials) (Meeting Highlights)
  April 21, 2011 – Conference Call (Meeting Highlights)
  March 25, 2011 – Conference Call (Meeting Highlights)
  March 11, 2011 – Conference Call (Meeting Highlights)
  February 24, 2011 – Conference Call (Meeting Highlights)
  December 2-3, 2010 – Norwalk, Connecticut
(Meeting Materials) (Meeting Highlights)
  September 30-October 1, 2010 – Cincinnati, Ohio
(Meeting Materials) (Meeting Highlights)
  June 2010 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  April 2010 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  December 2009 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  October 2009 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  August 2009 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  June 2009 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  April 2009 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  January 2009 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  November 2008 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  September 2008 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  June 2008 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  April 2008 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  January 2008 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  December 2007 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  September 2007 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  July 2007 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
  May 2007 - (Meeting Highlights) (Meeting Materials)
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